5 Tell-Tale Signs that NOW is the time to talk to your parents about their health

When you see your parents, do you ever think, “Gosh, things seem to be different with them”? 🤔


  • they’re asking the same question over and over again
  • they’ve really slowed down over the last year
  • they’ve been going to the doctor’s office more frequently

Whatever it is that’s got you noticing your parents are aging, or their health is changing, it might spark some questions for you.

Who’s going to care for them as they get older? Where are they going to live? What plans do they have in place?

What role do I play in all of this?

You’ve probably thought about talking to your parents about their health – but is now the right time? Is it too early? Is it too late? Am I just a worry wart?

That’s why I’m sharing the 5 tell-tale signs that NOW is the time to start talking to your parents about their health.

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5 tell tale signs

Here’s what you’ll uncover: 

✅ the 5 subtle signs it’s time to start a conversation 

✅ an exclusive invitation on HOW to approach the conversationMost people dread this conversation – but somewhere deep down you know it’s important. 

So why not check out the signs and see if any resonate with you? 

Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging. We’ve got something exciting coming up to support you through the conversation, step-by-step. 🌟

Here for you 💖

Ashwini Bapat, MD

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Ashwini Bapat, MD is a board-certified Palliative Care and Hospice Physician, coach, and co-founder of EpioneMD. She completed her Internal Medicine Residency and Hospice & Palliative Medicine Fellowship at Yale University, before working at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. She’s devoted to empowering caregivers so that they’re seen, heard, and supported.



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