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7-Day Advance Care Planning Challenge | EpioneMD

7-Day Advance Care Planning Challenge

Welcome to our Advance Care Planning Challenge. During these 7 days, we walk you through creating your own advance care plan in a bite-sized, approachable manner, helping you live well now. Let’s get started!

Day 1: Prepare

On Day 1, you will set your intention for this challenge. Jot down your thoughts and hold on to your answers as you will need them later in the challenge. Once you wrap up this first day, in the comments below let us know why you decided to start this challenge!

Day 2: Learn

Today, we will learn about what advance care planning is and why it is important. When you wrap up Day 2, in the comments below let us know why advance care planning matters to you!

Day 3: Think

On Day 3, you will answer the 5 important questions you need to think about as you develop your advance care plan. When you wrap up, in the comments below let us know what a good day looks like to you.

Day 4: Choose

You will learn what a healthcare proxy is and choose your own. After you finish today’s challenge, in the comments below tell us what it feels like to have chosen your healthcare proxy.

Day 5: Talk

Today, we will share tools to help you talk to the important people in your life about your wishes. For many people, talking to loved ones can also help to clarify their wishes.

Day 6: Document

On Day 6, you will find your state specific advance directive forms here and document your wishes.

Day 7: Share

Today, you will share your Advance Directives with the important people in your life.

Congratulations! You have completed the 7-Day Advance Care Planning Challenge! In the comments below tell us how it feels to have completed the challenge.

Our Coaches Can Help

In going through this challenge, the questions that pop up may become harder to answer and you may find yourself asking more questions and needing more information. Decisions about your future health are not easy and it is important to work closely with a health professional to get your questions answered.

Our coaches have extensive experience helping people make the best healthcare decisions for themselves. Connect with a coach for personalized guidance and a tailored approach to advance care planning.


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  1. Joe Baran

    Because it alleviates putting decision making on others in a stressful time.


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