A Dementia Caregiver Reveals What Worked (and what didn’t)

Are you knee-deep in caring for your parent, in-laws,  grandparent, or other cherished soul?

If your daily routine involves keeping a vigilant eye on the Nest to make sure mom or dad is okay, making those check-in calls to make sure they took their medications or dropping by to make sure their fridge is stocked and meals are prepped, then you might be juggling a plate that feels too full. 

Let’s get real. 

While you may be feeling proud to be the superhero caregiver, it comes with moments of frustration, anger, and the occasional bout of resentment. And oh, let’s not forget the anxiety – it’s like an unwelcome companion on this caregiving rollercoaster.

Fear not, because help is on the horizon!

Meet Usha Tewari, the primary caregiver for her mom with dementia with over 10+ years of experience.

From the initial diagnosis to being in the trenches of caregiving at home, to the emotional transition to hospice, – Usha has been through it all. 

In our latest vlog, she spills the beans on her caregiving journey, sharing wisdom that’s pure gold.

Think of it as a heartfelt chat with your caregiving best friend who’s been in the trenches and emerged stronger💪.

Watch below! 

Here’s a taste of what awaits: 

The tool that helped her the most as a caregiver
Creative solutions to keep her mom safe at home
What she wishes she had the courage to do much earlier!
How you can lift the spirits of a caregiver
Her nugget of wisdom for a caregiver that’s in the thick of it
✅ Usha’s post-caregiving life and the grief tool that helped her get back on her feet

Want to connect with Usha? 

You can find her spreading her wisdom and support on Instagram @theindiancaregiver or on her website indiancaregiver.com

Now I’d love to hear from you! 

  1. What’s the biggest insight you’re taking away from this heartfelt conversation?
  2. And how could it help you or someone you love who may be a caregiver?

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Ashwini Bapat, MD is a board-certified Palliative Care and Hospice Physician, coach, and co-founder of EpioneMD. She completed her Internal Medicine Residency and Hospice & Palliative Medicine Fellowship at Yale University, before working at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.She’s devoted to empowering caregivers so that they’re seen, heard, and supported.



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