We’ll help you advocate for the person you love, while getting the support you need.

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What is Caregiver Coaching?

You wanted to ensure that the person you love gets the care and attention they deserve. You knew it wasn’t going to be easy but you stepped up anyway. You may not have expected that…

  • talking to your mom about her future health feels like walking on eggshells.
  • installing grab bars in the bathroom would be a point of contenton.
  • rushing to the ED in the middle of the night because your father has another bad pneumonia has become the norm.
You’re tapped out. You’ve been so worried, you’ve barely slept. Part of you wonders if this will be the last trip to the hospital. Maybe you even feel relief, quickly followed by guilt. 
We get it! Caregiver Coaching recognizes that caring for YOU is as important as you caring for your loved one. We’ll help you talk to your loved ones about their future health, think through medical decisions, learn about resources to keep your loved ones safe, educate yourself on what to expect, and support you emotionally and spiritually. 

“Having talked to Caitlin before hand was hugely helpful in us being more prepared for our conversation with the medical team, as well as for my husband talking directly with his mom about what she wanted. We’re very grateful for the timing of her presence in pulling us back from the edge.”


New England

Before coaching, it was hard to talk to friends & family about the logistics of caregiving, and I lacked knowledge about Long Term Care and Hospice Care. With coaching, I’ve navigated the Indiana POST form, understood hospice, improved communication with our physician, prepared for emergencies, and can make decisions for my loved one through a structured process to meet our quality of life goals.  I now have more confidence in myself, my plans, and my care team.”



“It’s a discussion, albeit a difficult one, but it helps you identify priorities and plan accordingly. You are not told what to do, you explore what’s important to you.“



How Does It Work?

1. You’ll meet your coach virtually, from the comfort of your home.

You’ll meet with one of our coaches who have over 55+ years of combined experience supporting caregivers 

2. During the coaching session, we’ll help you:

Figure out your loved one’s healthcare wishes –  their values, goals, and wishes for their medical care.

Think through medical decisions, in a way that’s tailored to your loved one.

Find local and national resources that you can call upon for additional support.

Anticipate the illness course, and educate you on when palliative care or hospice services could be useful. 

Get the emotional, spiritual, grief, and bereavement support you deserve. 

3. After the session, you’ll also get…

A personalized action plan highlighting the key elements of the coaching session and the next steps!

We’ll collaborate with your loved one’s medical team to keep them in the loop. 

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caregiver coaching

Is Caregiver Coaching right for me?

If you’re looking to think through medical decisions, anticipate future medical needs, brainstorm how to get extra help in the home, and feel like you’re not alone in all of this,  then Yes this coaching is right for you.

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Coaching is not covered by health insurance. This means our sessions are not rushed, you get the attention you deserve, and you won’t receive a surprise bill!

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If you’re located anywhere in the 50 US States we can help!

The Bottom Line

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or isolated as a caregiver, then Caregiver Coaching will empower you with the tools to better anticipate and adapt to your loved one’s changing health while also making sure we care for you. 

Let’s Get Started

Sign up for a free 15 minute discovery call to see how we can help. Still not sure? Meet our coaches.

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New Session

You’ll meet with your coach for one hour of coaching. Afterwards,  you’ll receive a personalized action plan and we’ll collaborate with your loved one’s medical team.  

Your Investment: $299

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Follow UP Session

We offer flexible time slots to meet your needs.  After the follow up  with your coach, you’ll receive a personalized action plan that can be shared with loved ones and your medical team.

Your Investment:
30 minutes: $149
45 minutes : $229
1 hour : $299

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It’s important to keep your loved one’s medical team on the same page. You may also have questions that pop up between sessions.

That’s why you’ll get the first 15 minutes per month of care collaboration for free! After that we charge the hourly rate below.

Your Investment: $299/hr

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Gift Card

Offer the gift of Caregiver Coaching to those you love.

Choose a session and click the check box for “Purchase as a Gift”.

Of note: Our coaches do not provide medical care. Our coaching sessions are not intended to work up symptoms, diagnose a condition, or prescribe medications, nor is it psychotherapy. 

Still Not Sure?

It’s hard to find people that can make space for our issues & challenges, take the time to process and understand, and then provide useful and productive feedback to bring about positive changes. I don’t think I would have had the capacity to accomplish as much as I did with EpioneMD if I were by myself. Don’t go it alone; hire a coach



“Your support has been invaluable and kept my faith. I now feel hopeful and empowered “


New England










Who are the coaches?

We have over 55+ years of combined experience helping caregivers.

Ashwini Bapat MD and Caitlin Baran MD are palliative care doctors, and Sarah Byrne-Martelli DMin is a palliative care chaplain.  They met while working at Massachusetts General Hospital. Lisa Catalano LICSW is a palliative care social worker at Newton Wellesley Hospital in the suburbs of Boston. 

We’ve seen how exhausting and isolating it can be to be a caregiver navigating a fragmented health care system. We’ll help you develop the tools to become an empowered caregiver.

3 surprising secrets

Learn the 3 Surprising Secrets to Living Well

Grab your FREE e-book and learn the 3 secrets that’ll get you back in the driver’s seat of your health!

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