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We’ll help you adapt to your changing health and plan for the future

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What is

Illness Coaching?

You’re trying hard to live well and stay positive in the face of illness, whether it’s cancer, dementia, heart failure, COPD, or ALS. But in the quiet moments, sometimes the “what ifs” linger. What if my treatment stops working? What if I my illness got worse? What about my kids?

Illness coaching is about celebrating the good labs and scans, the fantastic response to a treatment,  and the ability to take that weekend trip to Cape Cod. It’s also about acknowledging the “what ifs”: thinking them through, grieving the old you, and finding ways to adapt to your changing health.

It’s a no-judgement space where we’ll help you live more fully, now. And sometimes, talking to a third party is so much easier. 

“The coaching session helped us figure out who will take care of me and now they know what I want. And my wife will get support on how to handle this illness.” 


New England

How Does It Work?

1. You’ll meet your coach virtually, from the comfort of your home.

You’ll meet with one of our coaches who have over 55+ years of combined experience helping people live fully in the face of illness.

2. During the coaching session, we’ll help you:

Identify what’s important to you- values, hopes, goals. We’ll help you talk to your loved ones and your medical team about your wishes. 

Create a personalized framework for making medical decisions and an advance care plan based on your values.

Adapt to your changing health, think through the  worries, and support you emotionally and spiritually.

Anticipate what may lie ahead for your illness, and think through when palliative or hospice care could be beneficial. 

 Think about your legacy and explore ways to make memories with the people you love.

3. After the session, you’ll also get…

A personalized action plan highlighting the key elements of the coaching session and the next steps!

We’ll collaborate with your medical team to keep them in the loop.

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illness support

Is Illness Coaching right for me?

If you’re tired of:

  • Feeling like your days are just a series of doctor’s appointments
  • Waiting for the other shoe to drop
  • Avoiding talking about the future, because it feels so uncertain 

And if you’re ready to find the joy in:   

  • An unsolicited “I love you” from your kids
  • A walk with your dog on a crisp fall day
  • Having a plan in place, just in case (that your family knows about)

Then Yes! This coaching is right for you.

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Coaching is not covered by health insurance. This means our sessions are not rushed, you get the attention you deserve, and you won’t receive a surprise bill!

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If you’re located anywhere in the 50 US States we can help!

The Bottom Line

If you feel like illness has put living your life on hold, then Illness Coaching can help you live with illness, while continuing to live your life. 

Let’s Get Started

Sign up for a free 15 minute discovery call to see how we can help. Still not sure? Meet our coaches.

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New Session

You’ll meet with your coach for one hour of coaching. Afterwards, you’ll receive a personalized action plan and we’ll collaborate with your loved one’s medical team.  

Your Investment: $299

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Follow UP Session

We offer flexible time slots to meet your needs.  After the follow up  with your coach, you’ll receive a personalized action plan that can be shared with loved ones and your medical team.

Your Investment:
30 minutes: $149
45 minutes : $229
1 hour : $299

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It’s important to keep your loved one’s medical team on the same page. You may also have questions that pop up between sessions.

That’s why you’ll get the first 15 minutes per month of care collaboration for free! After that we charge the hourly rate below.

Your Investment: $299/hr

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Gift Card

Offer the gift of Caregiver Coaching to those you love.

Choose a session and click the check box for “Purchase as a Gift”.

Of note: Our coaches do not provide medical care. Our coaching sessions are not intended to work up symptoms, diagnose a condition, or prescribe medications, nor is it psychotherapy. 

Still Not Sure?

“For anyone on the fence, this will most definitely be one less worry that will be lifted off your shoulders.


the Midwest

“I’m so glad that I started this difficult yet immensely important conversation. It not only clarified what I want in the future, but it has left me with a new perspective about the present.












Who are the coaches?

We have over 30+ years of experience helping people living with illness.

Ashwini Bapat MD and Caitlin Baran MD are palliative care doctors, and Sarah Byrne-Martelli DMin is a palliative care chaplain.  They met while working at Massachusetts General Hospital. Lisa Catalano LICSW is a palliative care social worker at Newton Wellesley Hospital in the suburbs of Boston. 

We’ve seen how hard it can be to live with illness, wishing you could go back to the “old you”. We’ll help you adapt to your changing health and plan for the future. 

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