Navigate Aging & Illness Confidently


You have the power to live well through aging and illness, we can help. Whether you or your loved ones are healthy, have received a new diagnosis, or are living with a serious illness, our coaches are here to support you and to think it all through.  


Our Expert Coaches Can Help

Our empathic coaches have over 30 years of combined experience as palliative care physicians, chaplains, and social workers, and are attuned to your needs. We harness our expertise to provide virtual one-on-one coaching to individuals and caregivers, empowering you to live well.

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Define what’s most important to you – your values, goals, and wishes

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Develop a personalized advance care plan and framework for making healthcare decisions

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Provide emotional and spiritual support

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Communicate your wishes with your loved ones and your medical team.

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Learn about additional supportive care resources

Ready to Start?

We offer a free 15 minute introductory call to see how we can help. Still not sure? Meet our coaches.


1 hour session

Includes individualized action plan to keep the conversation going.
Your Investment: $300



The Care Bundle

Includes a 1-hour new session and two 30-minute follow ups. Includes an individualized action plan to keep the conversation going.
Your Investment: $600



Follow Up

Includes a 30 minute session to continue exploring.
Your Investment: $200



Gift Card

Offer the gift of a clarifying conversation to those you love.

Choose a session and click the check box for “Purchase as a Gift”

Of note: Our coaches do not provide medical care. Our coaching sessions are not intended to work up symptoms, diagnose a condition, or prescribe medications, nor is it psychotherapy. 

How it works

Let’s Talk About It

  Explore Together with your coach

Advance Care Planning

Your coach can help you think about the type of medical care you want as you age and/or live with illness. You are never too young or too healthy to start these conversations.


Direct Your Healthcare

Your coach can help you communicate your goals and wishes with your medical team and ensure that your medical care aligns with your values.

Palliative Care

Your coach can help you understand what palliative care is and how it could help.


Coping with Stress

Your coach can help you cope with the stress of changes in health, an uncertain future, and illness.


Caring for a loved one can simultaneously be a fulfilling and a stressful experience. Your coach can help you better cope with the stress.


Emotional Health

Your coach can help you cope with the uncertainty about your current and future health, and feelings of anxiety, sadness, resilience, and courage. 

Spiritual Health

Your coach can explore how spiritual beliefs impact our response to health and illness, and our ability to cope with stress.

Existential Matters

Uncertainty and serious illness can make you re-evaluate your life. Your coach can help you explore the most essential questions. Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose?

Cultural Matters

Your coach can help you navigate situations where the cultural values of an individual and their loved ones conflict with the values of the healthcare system.

Navigating Family Conflict

Changes in health can stress relationships,  often leading to more conflict amongst loved ones. Your coach can help you  navigate this challenge.

Grief and Bereavement

Your coach can help you cope with the loss of a loved one or the anticipated loss of a loved one.


End-of-Life & Hospice Care

Your coach will help you explore end-of-life care options, preferences, and how hospice care can help.


What People Say

“Even though most people think it is important to talk about their preferences for medical care in the event of an emergency or change in health, most people have not had conversations about their preferences and values or do not know where to start. EpioneMD fills that important gap by offering skilled, sensitive, and empathic communication that is tailored to the individual. Dr. Ashwini Bapat is an outstanding palliative care physician with a gift for creating a welcoming space for meaningful dialogue. She has extensive experience working with individuals and teams to ensure that health care is as person-centered as possible.
– Laura A. Petrillo, MD
Palliative Care Physician
Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

 “It is my pleasure to endorse Ashwini Bapat and the services of EpioneMD. She is a deeply compassionate physician with an ardent desire to truly help individuals and families who face serious or life threatening illness. She brings a calming and soothing presence to her interactions, even in the most difficult of situations.  Dr. Bapat is an honest, principled and trustworthy professional.  I would recommend her services to my own family. I am confident that Dr. Bapat will be of tremendous help and comfort to whomever seeks her care and services through EpioneMD.”

– Dr. Melissa G.

EpioneMD TelePalliative Care

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