Telepalliative Care

The Benefits of Palliative Care,

the Convenience of Virtual Visits

EpioneMD TelePalliative Care provides the benefits of palliative care right where the patient is located – whether they are in the hospital, at home, or in a nursing home.

Palliative Care Helps Organizations

Reduce Healthcare Utilization

Inpatient Palliative Care decreases hospital readmissions by


Outpatient Palliative Care decreases hospital admissions by


Palliative Care in Skilled Nursing facilities decreases hospital and ED transfers by


Reduce Healthcare Costs


Average saved per admission


Saved per admission for patients with more than four illnesses


Saved per year by a midsize hospital conducting 500 palliative care consultations

Take Better Care of Patients


Expect access to palliative care


Of people who received palliative care would recommend it to others


Believe seriously ill patients should be educated on palliative care

EpioneMD Can Help Your Organization

We harness the power of telemedicine to provide telepalliative care consultation to take better care of patients.

Our Solutions

Serious Illness and Goals of Care Support


Outpatient TelePalliative Care Consultation

Inpatient & ED TelePalliative Care Consultation

Telehospice Consultation

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EpioneMD TelePalliative Care

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