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We know you care about your cllients and we know you’re swamped. We’re here to support you and take one thing off your plate. 

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What is Caregiver Coaching?

Caregiver Coaching is about helping family caregivers figure out what matters most to their loved one, having an in-depth goals of care conversation, helping them understand more about palliative and hospice care, and ensuring that they have the emotional and spiritual support they need. 

We know it’s hard to squeeze goals of care or an advance care planning conversation into a 15-minute visit despite your best efforts. When you refer caregivers to us, we’ll take one thing off your plate. And at the end of the coaching session, we’ll collaborate with you!

“Dr. Bapat did a wonderful job helping the family identify their mother’s core values and develop a plan to move forward supporting those values. She then supported the family in a meeting with the assisted living to present their mother’s wishes and find a way for the wishes to be followed. The communication, collaboration, and support were appreciated by all.” 

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How Do We Collaborate with You?


Direct the family caregiver to our Caregiver Coaching Page where they can learn more & schedule a date and time that works for them to meet with a coach. Our coaches have over 55+ years of combined experience.

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Coaching Session

During the initial 1-hour coaching session, we'll help family caregivers figure out how their loved one wants to be cared for now, how to plan for the future, and how to get the support they need - both practical, hands-on, and judgment-free space, to feel what they're feeling.

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Personalized Action Plan

After the coaching session, we'll send the family caregiver a personalized action plan - highlighting the key elements of the coaching session and and their next steps. We'll also collaborate with you to keep you in the loop.

Follow Up Session

The family caregiver and their coach will decide when the best time will be to schedule a follow-up coaching session to support them as they implement the action plan.

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Is Caregiver Coaching right for my client?

If your client is: 

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    caring for their parent, in-laws, grandparents, partner, or other loved one

    And they want to: 

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      learn how to advocate for their loved one

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      plan ahead for whatever comes

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      be heard and understood by the care team

      Then YES, caregiver coaching, is right for them. We’ll help them go from overwhelmed to a confident, educated, caregiver. Think of it as part of their self-care plan!

        The Bottom Line

        If you’re feeling swamped and feeling like there’s only so much you can do to move patients’ families or clients from “not getting it” to acceptance and planning, then reach out to our Caregiver Coaches. We’ll take one thing off your plate while always collaborating with you.

        Let’s Get Started

        The family caregiver can sign up for a free 15 minute discovery call to see how we can help. Still not sure? Meet our coaches.

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        New Session

        They will meet with their coach for one hour of coaching. Afterwards, they’ll receive a personalized action plan and we’ll collaborate with their medical team.

        Their Investment: $299

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        Follow UP Session

        We offer flexible time slots to meet the needs of your patient.  After they follow up  with their coach, they’ll receive a personalized action plan that can be shared with their loved ones and with their medical team.

        Their Investment:
        30 minutes: $149
        45 minutes : $229
        1 hour : $299

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        It’s important to keep the entire medical team on the same page. Your patient may also have questions that pop up between sessions.

        That’s why they’ll get the first 15 minutes per month of care collaboration for free! After that we charge the hourly rate below.

        Their Investment: $299/hr

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        Gift Card

        Offer the gift of Caregiver Coaching to those you love.

        Choose a session and click the check box for “Purchase as a Gift”

        Of note: Our coaches do not provide medical care. Our coaching sessions are not intended to work up symptoms, diagnose a condition, or prescribe medications, nor is it psychotherapy. 

        Still Not Sure?

        “As a care manager, there’s only so much you can do with counseling and moving people from disbelief or “not getting it” to acceptance and planning. This would be a great service for those clients and their families.”











        Who are the coaches?

        We’re a team of 2 seasoned physicians, a compassionate social worker, and a soul-soothing chaplain with over  55+ years of combined experience empowering caregivers.

        We’ve worked everywhere – from prestigious academic institutions to community hospitals, outpatient clinics, and in-home care.

        Now, as we care for our own aging parents and in-laws, we’re facing the same struggle you are. 

        We know how tough it is to dive into those important conversations, to have your loved one land in the hospital unexpectedly, to figure out what the heck you should be asking the medical team, to plan for the future, and to scramble to get more support. 

        But, guess what? As experienced healthcare professionals, we’ve got the know-how to better guide our family and friends through the ins and outs of caregiving;  AND we’re spilling the beans and sharing our insider knowledge with you!

        We’re dishing out our best tips and strategies so you can support your parents, in-laws, grandparents or partner as they age, smooth out the caregiving journey, and help you worry less. ✨

        Here are the A’s to your Qs

        Do you accept insurance?

        Coaching is not covered by health insurance. This means our sessions are not rushed, family caregivers get the attention they deserve, and they won’t receive a surprise bill!

        Do I need a referral to refer my client or patient's family to you?

        We do not need a referral to see a family caregiver! They can learn more about caregiver coaching and sign up directly here.

        Do the coaches fill out healthcare documents?

        During a coaching session, it may become clear that the caregiver’s loved one will need specific documentation in a row – like a health care proxy form or an advanced directive. 

        We’ll guide the family caregiver step by step through the forms, engaging in heartfelt conversations about the crucial elements. Together, we’ll navigate and make decisions that truly honor their loved one’s wishes and values.

        With this knowledge, the family caregiver and their loved one can complete the forms at a time and place that feels right for both of you.

        While we won’t complete the forms for the loved one, we’ll empower family caregivers with the knowledge and support they need. 

        How do you collaborate with referring providers?

        We love to collaborate with the care team!  With the permission of the family caregiver, we’ll reach out to the referring provider via phone, email, or fax to make sure we’re all working together to support the caregiver. 

        Do you provide in-home, hands-on help?

        Hands-on support is so important to helping you stay sane as a caregiver. We can help you identify when hands-on support would be useful, how to find in-home support, and important considerations. 

        We’re not a home health agency, and we don’t provide in-home personnel.


        Do you prescribe medications or work up symptoms?

        As coaches, we focus on helping you up-level your caregiving skills and plan for the future. We do not prescribe medications, work up symptoms, or conduct medical assessments. 

        Is caregiver coaching the same as therapy or psychotherapy?

        Caregiver coaching is different from therapy or psychotherapy.

        Therapy and psychotherapy are go-to support systems for tackling mental health challenges or addressing big relational and emotional issues, often focused on healing from the past. 

        Coaching is all about helping you do better now and in the future as a caregiver. Our goal is to take you from ‘just okay’  to feeling confident you’ve got the know-how to be an even better caregiver. Plus, we’re all about doing it in a way that’s sustainable and puts YOU first.

        Given the ups and downs of caregiving, lots of folks find coaching helpful in up-leveling their caregiving skills AND they’ll see a therapist to help them through depression, anxiety, or trauma.

        Therapy and coaching are complementary – it’s like having a couple of nifty tools in your kit to tackle different aspects of your caregiving journey 🔥. 


        My client's part of a caregiver support group. Will coaching still help them?

        Family Caregivers are stretched thin and their time is precious – that’s why the entire coaching session is devoted to them. Consider it part of their self-care!

        They don’t have to rush to get in their questions or have someone else hijack the group and listen to them vent the entire time.  Instead, we’ll address their specific questions and create an action plan that leaves them feeling empowered. 

        So yes, if you’re client’s looking for tailored, personalized support, that’ll help them feel more confident as a caregiver, then coaching is for them!

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