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October 20

Massachusetts Council on Aging Annual Conference

The EpioneMD Coaches presented “10 Truths About Palliative Care” At the Annual Massachusetts Council on Aging Conference in Cape..Read More
October 11

Aging Better Today Presentation

Co-Founder, Ashwini Bapat, presented “Can You See Me Now: Harnessing Telehealth to Improve Access to Palliative Care” at Aging..Read More
September 8

Featured on Teepa Snow

Ashwini Bapat, Co-Founder and Coach, was featured on Teepa Snow Positive Approach to Care. In this facebook video she..Read More
August 23

Coach Sarah Byrne-Martelli publishes a book on Grief

In Sarah Byrne-Martelli’s book “Memory Eternal: Living with Grief as Orthodox Christians”. She includes grief tips for a broader..Read More
July 1

Featured in Physician’s Guide to Doctoring

Dr. Ashwini Bapat was recently featured in the Physician’s Guide to Doctoring podcast. In this podcast she shares how..Read More
May 3

Featured in End with Care

“Anticipatory grief can come in waves, and most people won’t be “cured” of it, but instead will find a..Read More
April 27

Featured in Shiley Haines Institute for Palliative Care

Can Palliative Care be provided entirely from afar? This articles cites EpioneMD’s innovative model to improve community access to..Read More
March 31

Featured in PopSugar Post on Anticipatory Grief

Our Founder, Dr. Bapat, shares her thoughts on the Anticipatory Grief, the grief people feel in the days, weeks,..Read More
March 22

EpioneMD Featured in FemFounders

EpioneMD and our Founder Dr. Ashwini Bapat were featured in FemFounders where she shares what inspired EpioneMD and how..Read More
March 7

EpioneMD Featured in Female Physician Entrepreneurs

Our Founder, Dr. Bapat,  shares the inspiration for EpioneMD and the hopes and challenges in improving access to palliative..Read More
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