Unlock the Conversation

A comprehensive online course where you’ll learn HOW to talk to your aging parents about their health, what to talk about, and how to create a roadmap for whatever comes. 

Doors open Tuesday March 19th 2024!

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What is Unlock the Conversation?

Unlock the Conversation is a comprehensive online course where you’ll go from feeling paralyzed at the thought of talking to your parents about their health to feeling confident you’ve done the prep work to initiate the conversation, know what to talk about, and HOW to talk about it. 

You’ll then create a roadmap with your parents to figure out how to care for them now and for whatever comes up in the future.

The earlier you start these conversations the better. Many people have regretted waiting too long to have the conversation or not having the conversation at all. Don’t let that be you. 

(And yes, you can totally use this to talk to your in-laws or grandparents or partner) 

We’ve helped many people get peace of mind by starting a conversation with their parents.  We’d be honored to help you too. 💕 


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Just imagine feeling…


That you and your parents have a plan in place for whatever comes in the future.



That you can speak up for your parents when the time comes and that you can do right by them.



Because you and your parents started a conversation and now you know what’s important to them as they get older.


By the end of this 4-week program, you’ll have mastered how to: 


Prepare for the convo by figuring out what you’re hoping to get out of it and giving your parents a heads-up.


Invite your parents for a conversation using our word-for-word script, so you don’t have to worry about getting tongue-tied.


Expertly understand their hopes and worries as they think about their current and future health. 


Discuss critical questions, including what your parents would want, what they would not want, and how they envision themselves getting older. 


Navigate resistance gracefully, including how to respond and when to give space 


Create a roadmap to guide you through whatever comes, keeping your parents wishes front and center. 

“Hugely helpful in us being more prepared for our conversation with the medical team, as well as for my husband talking directly with his mom about what she wanted. We’re very grateful for pulling us back from the edge.” “


New England

“I’ve been able to navigate a lot of challenging subjects related to caregiving/End of Life. I do not think I would have had the capacity to accomplish as much as I did with EpioneMD if I were by myself.“



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Unlock the Conversation enrollment on March 19th!

What’s inside

Unlock the Conversation?

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You’ll get LIFETIME access to…

MODULE 1: The Prep Work

We’ll set you up for success by prepping you for the conversation so you get TOTAL clarity about what you’re looking for and HOW you’re going to get there. 

  • Get clear on your “why” – so that when it gets hard, you know why you’re having this conversation
  • Meet your parents where they’re at through the power of empathy
  • Use our word-for-word script to invite your parents to the conversation – no more fumbling around trying to find the right words. 

MODULE 2: Kickstart the Conversation

This is a conversation that can feel heavy, emotional, and awkward. We’ll show you how to ease into it and ease your parents into it too!

  • Optimize your setup and your mindset so that you create a safe space for the conversation
  • Work through the curated list of power questions that’ll help you understand what’s important to your parents
  • Master the art of attentive listening so that instead of getting defensive, you’re tuned in

    MODULE 3: The 5 Pillars of Aging Successfully

    This is where you’ll explore their preferences as they get older. 

    • Discover the 5 Pillars of Successful Aging. Dive into the crucial aspects of aging, from living arrangements to social connections, medical needs, end-of-life preferences and financial stability.
    • Navigate resistance with grace – it doesn’t have to get heated or turn into a shouting match. Learn priceless techniques to gracefully handle resistance and defensiveness. 
    • Master the Art of Timing: Timing is key when broaching sensitive topics. These conversations require patience and sensitivity. Fear not, we’ll help you find the right moment to engage in meaningful discussions that honor your loved one’s wishes and needs. 

    MODULE 4: A Roadmap For Whatever Comes 

    We’ll help you translate what’s important to your parents into a roadmap you can use going forward. 

      • Complete the key documents and share it with the important people in your parent’s life. 
      • Learn how to use your parent’s wishes to advocate for them – and bring the medical team on board as well
      • Get clarity on your next steps

    “For anyone on the fence, this will most definitely be one less worry that’ll be lifted off your shoulders. “

    ROSH D.

    the Midwest

    “I’m so glad that I started this difficult yet immensely important conversation. It not only clarified wishes for the future but it has left me with a new perspective about the present. 


    New England


    This bonus to support you when you get stuck.
    about coaches

    $399 Value

    4 Weeks of LIVE Q&A with the EpioneMD Coaches

    This is a private, members-only, weekly Q&A where you can submit your questions as they pop up. You’ll meet with two of our experienced EpioneMD coaches, and we’ll answer your questions. 

    What You’ll Get: 

    • 4 weeks of live Q&A sessions to make sure your burning questions get answered and you can keep moving forward with your parents 
    • Troubleshoot the roadblocks so that you can keep moving forward 
    • Get expert input from our EpioneMD coaches
    • Overcome isolation by connecting with the coaches and other members who “get” what you’re going through  

    “Dr. Ashwini Bapat offers skilled, sensitive, and empathic communication, that’s tailored to the individual. She has the gift for creating a welcoming space for meaningful dialogue. She has extensive experience working with individuals to insure health care is as person-centered as possible.  

    Laura A. Petrillo MD 

    Palliative Care Physician

    Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical School

    “Hugely helpful in us being more prepared for our conversation with the medical team, as well as for my husband talking directly with his mom about what she wanted. We’re very grateful to Cailtin for pulling us back from the edge.” “


    New England










    Who teaches

    Unlock the Conversation?

    Unlock the Conversation is co-created and led by Dr. Ashwini Bapat and Dr. Caitlin Baran.

    Dr. Ashwini Bapat is a Palliative & Hospice Physician trained at Yale, with a wealth of experience from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. She’s witnessed firsthand the heartache and uncertainty when crucial conversations are avoided. She’s on a mission to empower caregivers and ensure you start these talks early so you’ll have the confidence to navigate any decision that lies ahead. 💖

    Dr. Caitlin Baran is a Harvard-trained Palliative & Hospice physician, having worked at Massachusetts General Hospital and was on faculty at Harvard Medical School.


    When does Unlock the Conversation start?

    Doors open May 19th 2024. Get on the VIP waitlist now👇!

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